JM Press

Ready for some serious tricep work? Great.

JM Blakley is well known in powerlifting circles for bench-press abilities, and the JM Press is a magnificent tricep building exercise to help with this particular lift.


The JM Press is similar to both a close-grip bench press and triceps extension (aka French Press), and lies inbetween them. Think of it as a close-grip bench in which the bar is brought to a point just above the upper chest/lower face (the length of your arms will determine this). The upper arms are kept at a 45 degree angle from your torso.

NB : The bar should move in a straight line up and down. In order to minimise shoulder involvement (and keep the workload on the triceps, as designed), keep the elbows tucked in. The bar is raised by straightening the arms, not by pushing with the shoulders.

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