Start of the Weights

It begins.

After talking to a few friends of mine (all of whom are much fitter than I am) and reading up on the pros and cons of various weight training methods, I established a routine which consists of the following :

Legs and abs
Romanian deadlift
Overhead squat
Split squat - left leg
Split squat - right leg
Hamstring curl
Leg extension
Abdominal crunch

Exercise bike

Chest, shoulders, triceps
Incline dumbell press
Flat bench press
Seated dumbell shoulder press
Single arm French press - left arm
Single arm French press - right arm

Exercise bike

Back, biceps
Bent-over barbell row
Seated incline dumbell curl - left arm
Seated incline dumbell curl - right arm

Exercise bike

Rest day

All of the weight routines are preceded by 10 mins on the bike (level 3) - just to warm up. I also do stretches prior to each exercise - specific to the muscles I'm about to work. The routines end with a bit more warm-down stretching.

Unfortunately the 50kg set of plates I got with the bench doesn't include any small weights (the lowest is 7.5kg), which means that some of the exercises are done using bars/body weight only for now.

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