A Call to Arms

Yes, today was most certainly an arms day; with everything from the shoulders down to the fingertips getting a go. More on the pinch-gripping in a moment.

First the routine :

pinch grip weightsI also did a bit of pinch grip work, primarily to get an idea of weights. I can get my hand around a 2.5kg plate, so I decided to try hanging additonal weights from that one until I can hold a 20kg plate by pinching the centre ring.

wrist rollerWhilst in the hardware store today grabbing the chain/bolts for that, I picked up a pick-axe handle, another length of chain and some more nuts/bolts. I knocked up a quick wrist roller from these, which allows me to hang weight plates from the end of the chain and roll the handle like a newspaper until the plates are at the top; then slowly wind it back down again. The length and shape of the handle allow me to work my wrists at different angles, as well as varying the size of the grip.

As I used the same weight for a lot of this session (due to the aforementioned lack of small plates), it was a reasonably quick one : 58 mins.

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