Nearly a Month In

A bit of fine-tuning.

This week I modified the routine a little, varying the weightlifting exercises as well as adding a daily dose of cycling. This is a 15 min warm-up in addition to the longer sessions.

15 mins cycle (morning)

Legs, abs
Barbell Hack
Romanian Deadlift
Hamstring curl
Reverse crunch
Traditional crunch

15 mins cycle (morning)

45 mins cycle

15 mins cycle (morning)

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
10 mins cycle
Incline barbell press
Flat bench barbell press
Close grip bench press
Upright row
Lateral raise

15 mins cycle (morning)

45 mins cycle

15 mins cycle (morning)

Back, biceps
15 mins cycle
Push ups
Bent-over barbell row
Dumbell row (L+R)
Barbell shrug
Barbell curl

15 mins cycle (morning)

45 mins cycle

15 mins cycle (morning)

On the motivation front, there are no problems so far with regard to doing the exercises. If anything, there's a tendency to want to train longer - I'll keep the increases gradual though. An extra 15 mins of cycling per day is probably enough for one week.

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Back to 4 Days per Week.

I've decided to switch back.

Chin-ups and a Few Other Things.

Missing a scheduled deadlift workout?

Week 5 of Weights.This week I reduced the daily cycling warm-up to 10 minutes, and added short (20 min) routines for legs and abs - 3 days per week each. I've also removed the ab exercises from the Sunday weights routine as they are now covered in these short routines.
New Routine.

Down to 3 sessions per week.

Getting the Hang of It...Slowly.To make up for Sunday's inadvertent max, I switched to a dynamic workout today. Dynamic it certainly was.

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