Finally, a Wider Bar

Over the past few months I've managed to obtain a combination of standard and olympic weight plates and bars. (The standard stuff came with the bench). Gradually I'm using the standard stuff for less and less, primarily to keep the amount of plate-changing to a minimum.

Today seemed like as good a day as any to switch over to using the olympic bar for bench presses, which sees the old standard bar move one step closer to dust-gathering mode in the corner of the room.

After getting used to the fact that the olympic bar is not only a foot wider but considerably heavier than the standard bar (I lowered the weights a little to compensate) I cranked out a few sets whilst trying to ignore the fact that the bar looked somewhat less weight-inhibited than last week. Ah well, no doubt things will be back to normal levels in a week or two.

Overall it was a pretty brief session, partly due to the shorter rest breaks between sets and partly as I was just plain exhausted after running around town all day. Think I need to work on endurance.

The routine consisted of :

Ab crunch / side crunch (supersetted) 4 x 100
Flat bench press 10/10/10/4 with increasing weight
Decline push ups (to failure) - these always seem to be a little more difficult than I'd like, partly as I only ever do them after a few sets of presses
Bent-over rows 10/10/4/5 with increasing weight (apart from the last set)

I decided to drop a couple of exercises in favour of going a little heavier, however looking at it now it seems I might have taken that idea a bit too far. I guess I'll have to wait another week to make amends for that one.

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