Grip Workout

It's gripper time.

Partly to help out with hanging onto an iron-laden bar, and partly as they're just fun to play with, I acquired a couple of grippers from These are the Captains of Crush Trainer (100lb) and No 1 (140lb), which should keep me going for a while. Getting the No 1 anywhere near closed is, well, challenging.

There are a number of exercises I'd like to include in my routines which will help with the different types of grip strength, and I'll vary them according to the way I feel at the time. At least until I get some idea of what works, and what doesn't.

Today's routine looked something like :

Farmer's walk 90s, 2 x 20kg dumbbells (will use a much heavier weight next time)
COC Grippers (each hand) 5 @ T (almost closed), 3 @ 1 (half closed), 5 @ T (almost closed)
Plate pinch (left hand) 60s, 2 x 5kg (right hand) 54s, 2 x 5kg - will use heavier plates next time, and drier hands - sweat was the main reason for slippage
Plate hold - horizontal 2.5kg plate, held around circumference (it just happens to be the right size for my hands) - (left hand) 58s (right hand) 48s

I'm uncertain as to the optimum frequency of this kind of workout, but probably around twice per week.

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