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Hanging Knee RaiseOne of the primary reasons for equipping my home gym with a power rack was to afford performance of the myriad varieties of squat with some degree of safety. I'm not sure about the reliability of that great powerlifting superhero, Inzerman.

I decided to begin my quest for squatting glory with the Box Squat, and an excellent article covering the intricacies of the technique is Dave Tate's Squatting from Head to Toe: Introducing the Box Squat at Testosterone Nation. Refining technique through constant application of the video->squat->review cycle, whilst gradually increasing the weight, was a tiring and lengthy process but one which will hopefully pay off in better squatting form for years to come.

The squats were followed by several sets of hanging leg raises, which not only gave the abs something to think about they also managed to remind me with no lack of certainty that my arms are yet to forgive me for yesterday's workout.

A few sets of both standing and seated calf raises brought the session to a close - the anticipated hamstring torture session will just have to wait until next week.

I've decided (following a bit of subtle prompting from Kris) to include training weights for each exercise; if nothing else they'll act as a source of amusement in the coming months/years as I realise just how puny they are. All follow a setsxreps@weight notation.

The routine :

Dynamic stretching
Box Squats 4x3@20kg, 3x2@30kg, 3x2@40kg, 1x1@45kg, 1x1@50kg, 1x1@55kg, 1x1@60kg, 1x1@65kg
Hanging knee raise 8x5@bodyweight
Standing calf raise 4x10@40kg, 2x10@50kg
Seated calf raise 4x10@40kg
Isometric stretching

Total time : 119 mins (plenty of 'let's go to the videotape' action in there)

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