The comforts of lifting at home.

BenchThe Weather Gods were out in force this morning (view from the flat), causing the usual array of wet-weather mischief. Definitely a good time to enjoy the comforts of lifting at home.

It's been a while since I last did flat, common-or-garden variety bench presses, and I decided to find out my current max. Worked up to a respectable 65kg, which makes the short-term goal of pressing bodyweight (74kg) a lot closer than it seemed a month ago.

These were closely followed by several gruelling sets of close-grip benches, which seemed far more tiring than usual; the combination of additional weight and effects of the max attempts taking their toll. Will be interesting to see how these are when I'm a little fresher.

The chinning bar was calling to me again, and I decided to have a go at one of Charles Poliquin's gymnastic training routines. This is nothing more than an extended set of pull-ups and chin-ups, using gradually decreasing grip widths; which I followed immediately with some heavy shrugs. Note : if you do these, make sure to have a towel and bottle of water nearby. I suspect that if I ever convinced myself to take up running, this is how I'd feel after a race.

The routine :


Dynamic stretching
Flat bench press 2x5@40kg,
Close-grip bench press 8x5@45kg


Wide grip pull-up 5
Medium grip pull-up 10
Medium grip chin-up 4
Narrow grip chin-up 5

Wide grip pull-up 2
Medium grip pull-up 3
Medium grip chin-up 3
Narrow grip chin-up 3
Shrug 4x10@80kg
Isometric stretching

Total time : 64 mins

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