Zercher Inspirations

Unusual, but highly effective.

Zercher squatIn the interest of variety I decided to try my hand (or more accurately, elbows) at Zercher Squats. Named after Californian strongman Ed Zercher (pictured here doing an unsupported leg press) these are done with the bar resting in the crook of your arms, rather than above the back (if you're still not quite sure how they're done, take a look at the BioMechanics Lab site). Unusual, but highly effective - both as a way to improve standard squat technique and to hit the upper quads.

I followed these with the trusty Romanian Deadlift, which felt surprisingly simple after the Zerchers. At least they did until I piled on a bit of extra weight to compensate.

The Zercher inspiration came again in the form of seated Zercher Good Mornings, which I did whilst straddling a bench. Simply getting a wide enough grip to enable a deep bend was half the fun. (For more fun along the Zercher Good Morning lines have a look at some of John Davies training methods).

Continuing the theme of variety I finished off with some single-handed deadlifts, which are perhaps the most tiring things I have ever done. Time to add a little more work for the obliques I think.

The routine :

Dynamic stretching
Zercher squats 2x10, 5x3, 3x2, 3x1
Romanian deadlifts 8x5
Seated Zercher Good Mornings 4x10
Single-handed deadlift (each side) 4x5
Isometric stretching
Total time : 88 mins

Quite a long session, but an interesting one.

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