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Zercher SquatsAfter doing a few Zercher squats the other day I decided to do them again as a max exercise, starting with the bar a little lower this time - about knee height. This also gave me an opportunity to test out a few different ways of holding the bar after seeing a little variation recently.

The way I have been doing these up until now is with the arms perpendicular to the bar, and palms (or fists) facing up. Rotating the wrists so that the palms are facing each other seems to tighten the grip a little (presumably from bringing the brachialis into play), and this is the grip I ended up using for the majority of today's lifts. Additionally I have seen people clasping hands together or crossing their forearms; both of which require the arms to be a little closer together than I find comfortable.

Despite the experimentation I worked up to a semi-respectable 75kg, which equals previous Zercher max attempts from a higher starting point.I gave the quads a bit of a break with the Ball Ham Raise, just one of many GHR alternatives for those of us unfortunate enough to lack the dedicated GHR machine. The stability ball offers just enough resistance to make the movement useful, without the feeling that your thighs are about to explode. I followed these with some Romanian deadlifts, just to make sure the hamstrings were getting the attention they deserve.

Next up were the Good Mornings, which are still following the 'easy does it' routine as I gradually increase the weight. This is one exercise where I only feel the effects afterwards, and I'm more than happy to keep it relatively light for now.

Followed the Good Mornings with a couple of sets of single-handed deadlifts, and when done using an Olympic bar at the side they seem to be a great way to tear great holes in your hands as you try to steady the bar. Great if you're into that sort of thing.

Finished up with a little ab work in the form of crunches and hanging knee raises, and after working the obliques a little with the side deadlifts I was quite happy to stop there.

Dynamic stretching
Zercher squat2x5@20kg,
Ball Ham Raise 4x10@bw
Romanian deadlift 4x5@75kg
Good Morning 4x10@30kg
Single-handed deadlift (side - olympic bar) 2x5@45kg (each side)
Ab crunch 4x10@bw
Hanging knee raise 4x10@bw

Total time : 84 mins (much better)

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