The Return

ChinupApart from managing to shed 3kg whilst hiking around The Netherlands for a week, my recent trip suggested working on two main areas : calf muscles and upper back. There's nothing quite like a solid week of backpacking to point out weaknesses.

I rarely watch television, with the exception of during travel (hotel rooms being such exciting places) and still have the music from Frans Bauer's commercial for Bel in my head. For anyone unfamiliar with Frans Bauer, have a listen to the polyphonic ringtone for 'Heb je even voor mij' (the title alone will probably give it away - 'Have you a moment for me'). Not exactly optimum workout music.

I blasted this away with a bit of AC/DC, as I hit the ground for some floor presses. The routine was otherwise the same as last week, largely so I could compare weights and see what impact (if any) the trip had.

The routine :


Dynamic stretching
Floor press 2x5@40kg,
Close-grip bench press 8x5@40kg


Wide grip pull-up 6
Medium grip pull-up 9
Medium grip chin-up 5
Narrow grip chin-up 5

Wide grip pull-up 2
Medium grip pull-up 2
Medium grip chin-up 3
Narrow grip chin-up 3
Shrug 4x10@80kg
Isometric stretching

Total time : 53 mins

As for the impact of the trip, nothing too radical - no doubt the 3kg lost will find their way back over the next few weeks.

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