Cooling Down

There's a fine line between being ready for action and pre-exhaustion.

Box squatOver the past few days the temperature has gradually fallen, and a longer-than-usual warmup was called for. Always a fine line between being ready for action and pre-exhaustion.

Today's session (actually a somewhat delayed ME SQ/DL workout) followed pretty much the same pattern as last week, with the switch from the deadlift back to box squats. These never felt quite right, and I worked up to the previous max but elected not to try and push it any further. Plenty of future opportunities for that.

With the exception of a slight weight increase on the seated good mornings, the remainder of the routine (including the weights) was left unchanged. Despite the lack of inspirational lifting, it was good to get a bit of a sweat going on a cool evening.

Following the workout I decided to sample the delights of a contrast shower, having recently been reminded of their therapeutic benefits whilst reading Barz-a-Bending. Not bad - think I may have to make that a regular thing.

ME SQ/DL Box squat 2x3@60kg, 2x2@80kg, 2x1@90kg, 1@95kg, 1@100kg Romanian deadlift 4x6@80kg Good Morning (seated) 4x6@37.5kg Hanging knee raise 4x10@bw V-up 4x10@bw Ab crunch 4x10@bw
Total time : a leisurely 63 mins

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