Walking Out

Reducing the number of steps.

Walking outThere are a number of areas I'd like to improve in my squatting form, and the first of these is reducing the number of steps taken when unracking the bar and moving clear of the rack. Up until now I shuffled in a manner only Cliff Young would have appreciated.

After reading recently of the benefits of an offset starting position, I warmed up with a few sets of walkouts, using an offset and 2-3 steps. The offset certainly helped increase awareness of foot position, which in turn translated to the maximum 3 steps desired.

Following the walkouts came squats in three varieties - regular, box-free back squats; zercher squats using a sumo stance and hack squats with a conventional stance. The three of these conspired to make sure there was as much water hitting the floor here as on the ground outside.

DE SQ/DL Squat walkout 10@20kg, 10@40kg, 8@60kg, 6@80kg Squat 2x10@20kg, 2x6@50kg, 4x3@60kg Zercher squat 4x6@60kg Hack squat 10@60kg, 4x6@80kg Incline situp 10,10,10,4 @bw Hanging knee raise 10,10,7 @bw Total time : 60 mins

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...And Relax.

One of the draining variety.

Easy on the Elbows.Or not, as seems to be the case when enjoying the pleasures of Zercher squats. I decided to bring this one in as today's max exercise, and quite happily worked up to 70kg before the inner elbows started complaining. With a towel wrapped around the bar I continued to 85kg before calling it a day. A few sets of Hack squats were next in line, with the intention of keeping the quads warm whilst giving the elbows a much needed break. Closing out the heavy stuff came regular Good Mornings - which have enjoyed a few weeks' vacation from my workouts. Still keeping weight increases slow and steady with these.

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