You load 16 tons and what do you get?

Iron, not coalApart from excellent GPP that is.

Prior to heading out for celebrations (of the 'another day older', not the 'deeper in debt') came a fairly intense ME BENCH workout. Fun stuff.

Worked up to a new Floor Press PR of 80kg, which will hopefully translate to a slight increase on the regular bench press next week. Although I'm still working out the subtleties of bench press leg drive, so it'll be an interesting battle.

Followed the pressing with a bit of dumbell rowing, which - when combined with a quick set of chin-ups - ensured that I was nicely pre-exhausted for the back exercises to come next. After a few sets of bent rows and a bit of shrugging (not to mention a pool of sweat that had gathered on the floor around me) I was more than ready to call it a day.

Floor press 2×10@20kg, 3@40kg, 3@60kg, 2@65kg, 2@70kg, 1@75kg, 1@80kg
Dumbell row (each side) 2×6@31.5kg, 2×6@36.5kg
Chin-up (narrow grip) 9@bw
Bent-over row 10,6,4,3 @60kg
Barbell shrug 10,10,10,6 @100kg

Total time : 61 mins

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