Raising the Reps

So far, so good.

Light weight, high repsIntent on not reviving last week's shoulder pain I elected to increase the reps slightly on the today's bench press; not straying above a 6 rep max. So far, so good.

A simple upper back workout followed - including the fact that my flatmate/training partner can now add chin-ups to his routines. Seems as though Charles Poliquin's progression really does work.

ME BENCH Flat bench press 2x10@20kg, 8@40kg, 7@50kg, 6@60kg Chin-up (narrow grip) 14@bw Bent-over row 6,5 @70kg, 6,4 @60kg Barbell shrug 10@60kg, 10@100kg, 10@120kg
Total time : 62 mins

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