Squatting, not Spotting

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No boxTonight's workout was somewhat shorter than those of the past couple of weeks, but was still enough to get the sweat hitting the floor.

The absence of a box (and the lack of time to construct such a beast) saw me once again engaging in a bit of free squatting, with a sumo stance. At least as wide as the rack allows, which is around 111cm/44". Worked up to a double at 80kg, before the form began to deteriorate. Decided to move on, and leave heavier challenges for another day.

Followed the squats with some Romanian deadlifts, once again using a wide stance, which gave the lower back something to think about (actually it probably had something to do with a bit of back rounding during the final set). The subsequent Good Mornings made it clear that enough was enough. For today in any case.

ME SQ/DL Squat (sumo) 2x10@20kg, 2x5@40kg, 5@50kg, 3@60kg, 3@70kg, 2@80kg Romanian deadlift (sumo) 10@60kg, 2x6@90kg, 2x6@100kg, 1@110kg Good morning 10@40kg Total time : 40 mins

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