Change of Pace

A combination of Bruce Lee and attempted sleep.

Currently the unwilling victim of a respiratory infection, I've had plenty of time (between Bruce Lee DVDs and failed attempts to sleep) to reconsider my training strategies for this year.

Up until a few months ago my feeder workouts were based around bodyweight exercises, and these workouts seem to have either changed into quick weight-based routines or been forgotten entirely. A recent comment from Kris - noting Louie Simmons' penchant for a modified Hindu squat - was enough to changed that.

Whilst I'm not quite ready to take the Mike Mahler approach and ditch the weights altogether in favour of bodyweight exercises, using them as a basis of additional workouts seems reasonable; extra GPP is always a good thing.

For now, it's a combination of Bruce Lee and attempted sleep. Modified Hindu squats to appear in the near future.

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