Deadlift Routine

Following a reasonably lengthy (well, a few months) period without deadlifting I've decided to dive into the deep end with a routine that puts the deadlift before everything else. As the no-deadlift approach didn't seem to have any positive impact, perhaps this one will.

This routine is a combination of that employed by Andy Bolton and the routine Ed Coan devised for Mark Philippi - all within a Westside framework. Essentially Andy controls the ME days whilst Ed looks after the speed work.

Starting 1RM: 145kg
Target 1RM (for 10 week cycle): 180kg

Week Amount (kg) % of 1RM Hole ** Sets x Reps
1 203 140 5 2x1
2 203 140 5 2x2
3 188.5 130 4 2x1
4 188.5 130 4 2x2
5 181.25 125 3 2x1
6 181.25 125 3 2x2
7 174 120 2 2x1
8 174 120 2 2x2
9 166.75 115 1 2x1
10 166.75 115 1 2x2

** Holes are spaced 5cm apart, with the 5th hole at 47cm (just below my knee height).

Week Amount (kg) % of 1RM Sets x Reps
1 107.5 60 8x3
2 117.5 65 8x3
3 125 70 6x3
4 135 75 5x3
5 117.5 65 3x3
6 125 70 3x3
7 135 75 3x3
8 125 70 3x3
9 125 70 2x3
10 107.5 60 2x3

Notes: I use a sumo stance for the ME pulls, and a conventional stance for the speed work. On both days an alternating grip is used.

Accessory work includes a selection of the usual SQ/DL players; primarily working the posterior chain and lats.

The '% of 1RM' listed refers to the current 1RM for the max lifts, and the goal 1RM for the speed work.

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