5kgMy hamstrings began to warn me last night that they're a little upset over something or other. Most likely wednesday's heavy sumo deadlifts. Whatever the cause, I managed to squeeze in a quick session this morning.

First up was the band pull-through, which I've been keen to try since getting the bands; so far it's somehow managed to stay hidden. These are great, and a couple of high-rep sets with the blue band was enough to wake up a bit.

A few light sets of leg curls was more than enough - for the time being.

Band pull-through (blue band) 2×50
Lying leg curl 20,20,12@20kg, 8@25kg, 4@30kg, 3@35kg

The second part of the workout was a repeat look at the incline bench, once again at 15 degrees. I decided to perform the standing L-Flyes using a light plate (5kg) instead of a dumbell, so as to add a little hand/wrist work to the session. After a little success in previous workouts, these were again slotted in between sets of presses. A great 'reset' feeling.

Warmup: pull-ups/push-ups
Incline bench press (15 deg) 20@20kg, 5@30kg, 5@40kg, 5@50kg, 5@60kg
Standing L-Flye 4×7@kg
Push-up with hyperextension 2×10@bw
Incline bench press (15 deg - close grip) 4×8@50kg
Band tricep pushdown 2×20@blue band

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