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YeeeesssToday it was back to the rack pulls, following nearly three weeks' absence. After some light squatting and pull-throughs the pins were set at knee height (4 holes showing). This always seems to be the most awkward height to pull from; minimising the benefit of leg drive.

Accompanied by the soothing sounds of Bruce Dickinson (his 1998 solo album 'Chemical Wedding' to be precise) I worked up to a healthy double at 180kg. A nice improvement on the 3RM of 160kg three weeks ago.

Feeling more than a little pumped, I attempted 200kg from the same height - not quite. Happily this didn't feel too far away.

Band pull-through 20@blue, 20@green
Squat 20@40kg, 20@60kg
Rack pull (knee height, 4 holes showing) 2x5@60kg, 5@100kg, 5@140kg, 2@180kg, 0@200kg
Good morning 20@30kg, 2x8@40kg, 2x5@50kg
Waiter's bow 2x20@10kg

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