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Following on from a couple of comments over on The Reinvention Tour, here is a little more detail on my current die

Tuna, corn and pasta.Following on from a couple of recent comments over on The Reinvention Tour, here is a little more detail on my current diet:

I generally have 6-8 small meals per day, totalling around 3,500 - 4,000 calories. I rarely count protein, fat or carbs; as long as it seems reasonable at the time, it ends up on the plate.

These meals often consist of one or more of the following - cereal, fruit (both fresh and dried), nuts, pasta, baked potatoes, meat, fish and ice-cream. Washed down with copious amounts of green tea, water and milk.

In the way of vitamins and supplements, I have 2-3 protein shakes on workout days, and 1-2 on rest days. The vitamins consist of a multivitamin and vitamin c, as well as some of the following :

helps in contraction and relaxation of muscles, improves bone health, essential for energy production

Co-enzyme Q10
central role in energy metabolism
improves heart function
increases exercise tolerance
boosts immunity

Evening primrose oil

Fish oil
aids heart and brain function

fat burner
aids heart health

helps prevent muscle catabolism
helps maintain cell volume and hydration, accelerating healing
increases growth hormone levels

Linseed (Flax) oil
as with all EFAs, Linseed aids production of prostaglandines (which control inflammation, pain, immune system balance, energy metabolism and cardiovascular functions)

helps prevent various forms of cancer

Vitamin B complex
helps process calories from carbohydrates

Vitamin E
antioxidant, protecting cells from damage
helps body use oxygen
improves wound healing

Vitex forte
activates pituitary gland during sleep

These are cycled, with the exception of the Vitamin C and the Multivitamin - they're regulars.

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