Quick Test : Leg Curls

Patrik Nyman's Prilepin treatment for the posterior chain.

Look ma, no headI agree wholeheartedly with Alberto's recent comment that sometimes you have to treat yourself as an absolute beginner. After reading through the comments on my somewhat ordinary (read abysmal) squatting form, I'll be giving Patrik Nyman's Prilepin treatment to my posterior chain.

Before embarking on this project, I needed to test my current leg curl performance. The other major player in the routine (see below) is the Romanian Deadlift; I used my current max of 110kg as a starting point here.

Lying leg curl 10@20kg, 5@30kg, 5@35kg, 3@40kg, 2@45kg

As suggested by Alberto, the following is based on the above numbers for the curl and RDL and the Patrik Nyman script on tsampa.org :

Week 1 : Leg curl 3x2@40kg, RDL 5x3@90kg
Week 2 : Leg curl 5x3@35kg, RDL 5x3@92.5kg
Week 3 : Leg curl 5x3@37.5kg, RDL 6x3@80kg
Week 4 : Leg curl 3x2@40kg, RDL 5x3@90kg
Week 5 : Leg curl 5x3@35kg, RDL 5x3@92.5kg
Week 6 : Leg curl 5x3@37.5kg, RDL 6x3@80kg

Weeks 1-6 : Box squat

NB: accessory work will take the form of the regulars - calf raises, arched back GMs, waiter's bows, pull-throughs and ab work.

I'll be starting this program next week, giving me a chance beforehand to test my current max deadlift. I suspect, however, that this work will also benefit the deadlift somewhat - so I should probably test it again in another 6 weeks.

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