Quick Z-squat session

I've got a hunchAfter noticing this morning that Kris recently tried a few Zercher squats off the floor, I decided to sample similar delights from the lowest pins in the rack - as far down as I can get at the moment. This puts the plates about 14cm/5.5" off the ground.

A few sets of these was enough to realise that my form fell apart as the weight increased, with my back doing a greater share of the work as things got heavier. By the second set at 60kg/132lb [video (3MB, .wmv)] I figured I'd better call it a day before I ended up doing Zercher good mornings.

Zercher squat (from lowest pins) 10@20/44, 5@40/88, 2×5@60/132
RDL (explosive) 6×3@80/176

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...And Relax.

One of the draining variety.

Back to the Front.

A leg raise or three.

Easy on the Elbows.Or not, as seems to be the case when enjoying the pleasures of Zercher squats. I decided to bring this one in as today's max exercise, and quite happily worked up to 70kg before the inner elbows started complaining. With a towel wrapped around the bar I continued to 85kg before calling it a day. A few sets of Hack squats were next in line, with the intention of keeping the quads warm whilst giving the elbows a much needed break. Closing out the heavy stuff came regular Good Mornings - which have enjoyed a few weeks' vacation from my workouts. Still keeping weight increases slow and steady with these.
Zercher Carry.

Good stuff.

New Routine.

Down to 3 sessions per week.

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