2005 : A Summary

My take on lifting in 2005.

Just in case you haven't been bombarded with 'year in review' documentaries, newspaper columns and radio broadcasts, here's my take on lifting in 2005 :


Flares are back in fashionTried the JM Press. For some reason these were overlooked in later workouts - probably because I was slightly uncertain about the technique.


Tried out Zercher Deadlifts. If you're not quite sure whether to squat or deadlift, these are ideal. A great hamstring/inner thigh stretch.


Almost...Extra plates arrive, in order to keep up with an ever-growing deadlift PR.
Tried out the Jefferson Lift. This is another deadlift variety that may well make a bit of a comeback (in my routines at least) in 2006.


Gripping stuffTried Band Good Mornings (never again).
Tested my grip with Vertical DB handle deadlifts. Excellent things
Acquired a set of IronWoody bands. A great investment.
Tried out deadlifts using a Hook Grip. An acquired taste.


Band push-upAcquired a new camera for recording workouts. It was great while it lasted, but it didn't even make it to Christmas.
Tried out Suspended Band Push-ups. Ah, yep. Maybe.
Tested the Lightened Method of deadlifting.
Tested Band Push-ups. These are actually quite good (once you work out how to hold the band).


GreenTested out a new bodyweight routine on a 3 week holiday around the UK. Great trip, fattening food.


Look ma, one hand!Tried out side bends using plates.
Came across the beautiful Seated Half Press.
Alberto got everyone going with the article Achieving Structural Balance on T-Nation. Here's my attempt.
Tried out One-handed Rack Pulls.


CG inclineGrabbed a pedometer to see how close to the recommended level I was. Well above it.
Tried out the Cuban Press.
Started doing inclined close-grip bench presses. A great combination.


Dungeon in progressMoved to Glasgow. Rackless for a few weeks. Managed to clear enough space for a few deadlifts.


A month largely without weights. Bodyweight workouts were the order of the day, as well as the occasional bench press.


Rack's backDecided to stop taking most of my daily vitamin supplements, and start getting more nutrition from real food.
Discovered the joys of roasted vegetables.
Finally cleared enough space in the garage to reassemble the rack.


Flexibility checkChecked shoulder flexibility.
Bodyfat estimated (using DoD formula) at 16%.
Coffee consumption drastically reduced - mostly replaced with green tea.
Tried out Pendlay Rows.

Looking ahead

What will 2006 bring? Hopefully a swag of new PRs. Among the changes which will see this is a better integration of weighted and bodyweight routines.

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