Snatch-Grip Rack Pulls

There's a fine line between the heavier frosts here and a light coating of snow. After crunching my way (it turned out to be frost) out to the garage, it was time to try out the little-used combination of rack pulls with a snatch grip (wide, double overhand). At least little used by me.

Warmups were a few sets of light SLDLs, with the weight just heavy enough to wish I had more standard plates at my disposal. Still, at 55kg it turned out to be just right for the suitcase deads I supersetted with today's rack pulls.

SLDL 4x10@55/121
Rack pull (snatch grip, above knee) 4x10@60/132, 4x3@100/220 supersetted with
Suitcase deadlift (each side) 4x3@55/121

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