Hypertrophy Routine

6 brief sessions per week.

I've decided to switch to a hypertrophy routine for a couple of months, with the intention of increasing muscle a bit ready for some PR-breaking. Using 12-rep sets (apart from warmups) seems to be doing the trick right now - I'll adjust this as necessary after a fortnight or so. I'll also tweak the exercise selection as needed - for now, the only glaring omission is the deadlift and friends. This is the only lift that seems to need a longer recovery time than available; I'm hoping to have 6 brief sessions per week.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat


Various rows


Calf raise


Manual resistance

Hamstrings (knee flexion)

leg curl


Wrist curl

Wrist roller

Zottman Curl

Hamstrings (hip extension)



Squat (sumo)


Bench press


Front squat

Squat (narrow)

Hack Squat

Leg extension



Seated half press


Plate twist

Side bends

Suitcase deadlift

Hanging leg/knee raise




Dimel deadlift


Bicep curl

One-handed barbell curl




Seated shoulder press

Bradford press

Cuban press

Neider press

Side plate press



Behind the back shrug

Hise shrug


Lower back

Waiter's Bow

Good Morning

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