A Gathering of Old-Time Favourites

Some of the older exercises I occasionally use.

A recent comment from Bud prompted this brief list of some of the older exercises I occasionally use.

Bathiak : As with the Dand, Matt Furey has remarketed this one as a 'Hindu Squat'. These have been used with great success by wrestlers and martial artists for centuries. Even Louie Simmons has been known to do a sumo-stance version.

Bradford Press : Named for former US Heavyweight lifter Jim Bradford, this is a great way to hit the shoulders in their entirety. And you thought an Overhead Press was fun.

Dand : This is what Matt Furey refers to as a 'Hindu Push-up', and is often confused with the slightly different Dive Bomber Push-up. This is only one of many push-up varieties I occasionally employ; though certainly one of my favourites.

Hack Squat : If you've only ever performed these using a Hack Squat machine, try the deceptively simple barbell version. The original and best.

Handstand push-up : If you're a Jackie Chan fan you may have seen him do this once or twice (from memory, there's a good scene in Rumble in the Bronx that shows it off). Exactly what it sounds like.

Jefferson Lift : Although the origins of the name are unknown (to me at least), the exercise itself is fantastic. Essentially a deadlift with the bar held between the legs.

Neck Bridge : Also well-loved by wrestlers and martial artists. This one is somewhat controversial, and possibly better put in the 'advanced' category. Once again Matt Furey has tried to rename it and sell it as his, but there you have it.

Neider Press : Another one with uncertain origins (although shotput champion Bill Neider seems the most likely source), this is used by boxers (it simulates a punching action) and powerlifters alike. The plate version is also fun.

One-armed chin-up : Also in the 'exactly what it sounds like' camp - and exceedingly difficult - is this wonderful exercise. There is a progression, but it's a long one.

Zercher Squat : One of strongman Ed Zercher's great legacies. Often performed incorrectly (it's not a comfortable one), it's a squat with the bar held low, and in front of the body; in the crook of the elbows. Beautifully painful.

Zottman Curl : Another legendary strongman, another great exercise. This is a bicep curl with a twist - and your forearms will thank you for it.

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