Kettlebell Floor Press

The kettlebell version of the Dumbbell Floor Press.

Full extension
Full extension.

This is simply a kettlebell version of the Dumbbell Floor Press, and is executed in much the same manner.

Start by lying on the floor with the upper arm (on the side to be worked) out at 90° to the torso, and the forearm at 90° to that (reaching overhead). Place the bell within grasp of the fingers.

Flaring your lat, squeeze the bell hard, and straighten your arm. The bell will now be hanging almost overhead. Slowly return it to the starting position - that's one rep.


This exercise can be varied by twisting away from the bell during the lift - extending the range of motion. If you have two kettlebells available, simultaneous and alternating versions can be done.

Differences from the Dumbbell versions

Although the same muscles are worked, there is a little more focus on the wrists when using kettlebells. This is from the larger grip, as well as the increased stabilisation requirement.

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Other points

This can be a great one for indoors. I'll gradually build up both indoor and outdoor routines, and this is one for inside on a rainy day.

It's been a long time since I've done dumbbell floor presses, so I can't provide any recent comparisons; however the 16kg bell was certainly difficult enough to notice. The stabilisation alone makes a big difference.

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