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A few of the better Rugby-related sites I've noticed recently.

Despite Australia's recent love affair with that silly round ball game, Rugby continues to dominate the local sporting scene. Here are a few of the better Rugby-related sites I've noticed recently.

Front Squat HarnessAs you've no doubt already ascertained from the URL, this site is home to the most rugged-looking front squat assistance device I've seen (it's rated to 600lb, which isn't bad for a front squat). I wouldn't mind giving one a test run - if anyone's already tried one, let me know.

ScrumTrukWhilst on the subject of equipment, check out the ScrumTruk. If you've ever watched a game of Rugby, you'll see how closely this replicates the action of a Scrum. Once again, if you've tried one of these, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Looks like a great bit of gear.

The MyoQuip blog also has some very interesting articles.

For a bit of news on the international Rugby scene, you can't go past It's as big as it sounds.

If you're looking to focus on the South African Rugby scene, take a look at or

www.rugbystrength.comSome of the articles on the site will give you an insight into the Rugby training world. It's a superb combination of powerlifting, strongman training and a gathering of great looking equipment.

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