Upright Kettlebell Rows (Rope)

Lots of flesh-tearing fun.

Upright kettlebell row
Upright kettlebell row.
This afternoon I was mulling over various trap exercises and their equivalents with the kettlebell. Several of the usual suspects came to mind, and I found myself doing everything from Farmer's Walks to Monkey Rows with the kettlebell. The favourite, however, proved to be Upright Rows done using a kettlebell and a length of rope (or a steel tow-cable in this instance). Lots of flesh-tearing fun.
Upright kettlebell rows (rope)

Find a few feet of rope, cable, washing line or anything similar that comes to hand. Feed this through the handle of the kettlebell, grab the rope about 4" either side of the bell, and lift until both hands are above sternum height. Lower slowly and repeat.


Altering both the distance between hands and bell and the type of cord will make this exercise more or less difficult.
This can also be done as a High Pull (start with kettlebell on floor, rather than a hang position).

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Further thoughts

This could just as easily be done by feeding weight plates onto a length of rope. The rope simply adds a bit of grip work to the standard exercise.

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