A Training Update

A little more about my training.

Power over (Ross Enamait)Bud mentioned yesterday that he'd like to hear more about my current training - which is anything but structured at the moment. With the rack + weights expected to arrive by the end of next week, I've decided to hold off on purchasing a short-term membership to any of the local gyms (although I'm still keen to head over to Sydney Uni and check out the ScrumTruk) and instead have contented myself with a combination of bodyweight, Total Gym and kettlebell work.

Although I'm not following any particular routine (that situation will change once I add the free weights to the mix next week), the exercises I do are generally taken from the following lists :

Bathiaks (Hindu squat) (sumo)
Dands (Hindu push-ups)
Push-ups (standard, decline, fingertip)
Wall squats
Handstand push-ups
One-armed push-ups (see progression)

Clap push-ups
Push-overs (see Ross Enamait video [.wmv, 5.1mb])
Various jumps (including Catching Air - also on abovementioned video)

Total Gym
Front pressing (2 hands, 1.5 hands, 1 hand)
Behind-the-neck chin-ups
Pull-up (2 hands, 1.5 hands, 1 hand)
Seated rows (unilateral and alternating)
Pullovers (unilateral and alternating)
Leg raises

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Swings (2 hands, 1 hand)
Side bends
Compound stiff-legged deadlift
Squats (Pistols, Goblet, Overhead, Front)
Turkish get-up
Overhead presses (lying, seated, standing)

Various hip and shoulder stretches (I realise I should be doing a lot more, but it's a start).

Note that these lists are constantly evolving, but will settle a little once a solid routine is in place. For now though, they seem to be doing the job.

Scott Andrew Bird

Scott Andrew Bird is a writer, photographer and a guy who just loves this stuff. He's been at home in front of a computer for more years than he cares to remember (OK, 35) and is now making amends for years of many mistakes noted in the De-constructing Computer Guy articles (part 2) on T-Nation.

Find out what he's up to via Twitter, Google+, Facebook; and of course his online home. Enjoy.

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