One-Armed Chins and Other Fun Things

Love 'em.

One armed handstandWhilst mulling over my current one-armed push-up quest (more on that in a minute) I came across the Beast Skills site, via a link on Lean and Hungry Fitness. Beast Skills has tutorials for handstands, one-armed chin-ups and other fun things; as well as information on training (looks like a great mix of traditional free-weights, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises). Very good stuff.

Jasper Benincasa performing a CTI (Close To Impossible)For a look at some of the historical feats of strength in this vein, check out John Gill's superb Historical Performances in Chin-ups, Pull-ups, Levers, and Crosses. As you'll see from the table, John is no slouch himself.

Now to the one-armed push-ups. I'm still several inches away, but gradually becoming more solid at some of the exercises listed in the progression (such as Offset push-ups and the one-handed Total Gym work). I imagine that once I can perform sets of 10 in these exercises, the one-armed push-up should be achievable.

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