Volume Before New Maxes

Same weights, more volume.

On the edgeThis week has seen the workout volume steadily increase, although the weights were around the same as last week's. Everything feels as though it's slipping neatly into place.

Bud's comments last week on squatting provoked a last-minute substitution: the scheduled bottom-up squats were replaced with a few sets of Jefferson lifts. These were performed as per Bruce Lee's The Art of Expressing the Human Body (with more emphasis on the thighs than the lower back) - a good change. I worked up to three plates per side before the grip decided to call it a day.

Bottom-up squat 4x10@40/88
Jefferson squat 10@60/135, 10@80/176, 10@100/225, 1@140/315
Waiter's Bow 2x25@10/22

The bench presses (floor pressing once again) were accompanied by more back, bicep and wrist work; in the form of chin-ups, rows and curls, looking something like this :

Pull-up (medium grip) 10@bw
Barbell curl 20@20/44
Chin-up 5@bw
Zottman curl (both sides together) 20@6.5/14
Floor press 2x10@40/88, 9x3@60/135
Bent row 10,8 @60/135

The deadlifts were high rack pulls (I'll be lowering the starting height each week or two), and were all done double-overhand, sumo:

Gorilla chins 10@bw
Waiters bow 20@10/25
Rack pull (5 holes showing, above knee height) 2x10@60/132, 2x10@80/176, 2x8@100/225, 2x5@120/264, 3@140/315
Shrug (with hold on last rep) 2x10@100/225

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