Biphasic Sleep : Day 11

Biphasic sleep : Day 11That wasn't bad, but I awoke feeling more than ready for the luxury of another 1.5 hours. As today's a workout day, that's precisely what tonight will bring.

Following nap

Up until now I've been allowing anything up to 30 minutes to fall asleep. This will be tested tonight as a planned trip tomorrow (with an early departure) pushes the main sleep back a little closer to the nap - leaving a space of only 1 hour between them. I suspect a bit of reshuffling and an earlier nap today would've helped.

As for the nap itself, I suspect it took a lot more than the allocated 25 minutes to fall asleep. I feel as though I've been woken mid-cycle, and the usual feelings associated with that are present; I feel tired, grumpy and irritable. The extra 1.5 hours later is definitely well timed.

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