Biphasic Sleep : Day 18

90 minutes proved quite enough.

Biphasic sleep : Day 18Another cycle. Yesterday's 9 hour total seems to have definitely swung the argument in favour of having 4.5 hours each night; especially as the 'workout' was nothing more complex than a few sets of shrugs.

So far I haven't been overly concerned at the notion of waking to an alarm, switching it off, rolling over and going back to sleep. There are many ways to combat this (several of which I've tried in the past); perhaps the most simple is to move the alarm slightly out of reach from the bed. If I have to get out of bed just to turn the alarm off, I'm unlikely to jump back in for an additional sleep.

The reason I haven't been terribly worried about the oversleeping is that there's usually a reason for it. Aside from 'the bed was warm and comfortable', almost anything is tolerable - tiredness from stress, physical exertion or heat. Relocating the alarm is a more difficult decision than you might imagine.

Following nap

Unlike last night's extravaganza, 90 minutes proved quite enough. This time I only allowed 10 minutes to get to sleep, and based on my response to the alarm (along the lines of 'yeah, yeah, OK') that was fairly close. Refreshing.

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