The Magic 50

WattlebirdAlthough there was a little more time spent with the heavy stuff this week, most of the workouts seemed to be of the bodyweight conditioning variety. Apart from Monday's deadlifts that is.

Friday Squat practice
The regulars : Hindu squats, calf raises, step-ups and light squatting.

Sunday DE Bench
Bodyweight routines - primarily chin-ups and push-ups.

Monday ME SQ/DL
Aside from a few sets of Hanging Leg Extensions, today's brief workout focussed on rack pulls (from the lowest pin setting), alternating between a narrow double-overhand and a snatch grip.

Rack pull (dbl o/h grip) 20@60/132, 15@80/176, 2x5@100/225
Rack pull (snatch grip) 20@60/132, 15@80/176

Wednesday ME Bench
Decided to do 50 chinups (over several sets, with very short breaks). Perhaps the most interesting part of this is the significant drop-off after the first set : only 7 on the second. Will try doing the first set to failure next time (still well short of the 50 target).

Chin-up 20,7,6,4,4,4,5 @bw

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