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Where do you start? Try these.

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Thumbs up.
Quite a few fitness and strength blogs have passed this way over the past couple of years; here's a quick look at 20 of the best. Enjoy.
    Toffe's Gym
    Toffe's Gym.
  1. Under the Bar

    Although I've been building web sites for the past 9 years, it wasn't until I came across Kris Lindqvist's Under the Bar that I realised a fitness blog could be such a wonderful resource. Featuring over 3 years worth of workout logs, photos, videos and superb writing - as well as a beautiful outdoor gym - this is the definitive workout blog. If you haven't already seen it, head over there now.
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  2. Mark Reifkind
    Mark Reifkind.
  3. Rif's Blog

    Kettlebells, conditioning and martial arts. A good one.
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  4. Ken Black

  5. The Other Side of Strength

    Kettlebells, grip work, strongman training, powerlifting - a great mix.

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  6. Muscle Ventures Podcasts - iTunes
  7. Muscle Ventures

    Muscle Ventures
    is a project started by Bud Gibson and Nancy Arnold, which is following their bodybuilding progress through various training regimes and competitions.

    Subscription (free) is available either from the site or within iTunes (a quick search for 'muscle' will track them down).

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  8. Chris Dorr
  9. Strength News

    Strength News is the online strength home of Iowa's Chris Dorr, photographer, budding strongman and regular podcaster. Well worth checking out.

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  10. Lean and Hungry
  11. Lean and Hungry Fitness

    Jim Biancolo is a fitness enthusiast in every sense of the word. The title of one of his posts last year, Low-Tech, High-Effect (a link to a Ross Enamait video which itself is well worth downloading), neatly summarises his training philosphy.

    Definitely worth a read.

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  12. Tom Furman
  13. Physical Strategies

    An eclectic fitness and health mix, courtesy Tom Furman. Very interesting.

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  14. Smitty
  15. Diesel Crew blog

    If you're into strongman feats, amazing grip strength and great articles you're probably already familiar with the Diesel Crew. Take a wander over to their blog, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

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  16. Vern Gambetta
  17. Functional Path Training

    Take a wander over to Functional Path Training, the blog of renowned sports and conditioning coach Vern Gambetta. There's some fascinating stuff on there.

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  18. Sam Arsenault
  19. Tales from the Milk Drinker

    Fredericton's Sam Arsenault is defenitely a powerlifter and strongman to keep an eye on. Although originally scheduled to be a helper at a recent Strongman contest in the nearby Acadian Festival, he was quickly inspired to try out a few of the events and enter the contest himself. That's enthusiasm.

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  20. Blaine Moore
  21. Run to Win

    If you enjoy running, you'll love this. Blaine Moore discusses everything from training to injury recovery. A great read.

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  22. Stinn preparing to deadlift
  23. Stinn's workout blog

    This is a great workout journal, detailing Canadian powerlifter Ryan Stinn's increasing strength over the past 2 years. Videos and competition notes round out the picture. A very good read.
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  24. Jamie deadlifting
  25. Blood and sweat

    This is very much a 'from the trenches' workout blog. Superb.

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  26. Vern Gambetta
  27. Iron Sport

    The Iron Sport Gym is the home-away-from-home of Steve and Joe Pulcinella, as well as a number of local weightlifters and powerlifters. The blog - as well as the gym itself - is definitely worth a look.

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  28. Ultimate physique
  29. Ultimate Health and Conditioning

    As he says on the site:

    This site is about functional strength, balance, agility, endurance, nutrition and general health. I'm not following a specific agenda. I'm not anti-supplement, or anti-weights, or anti-anything. I don't give a shit how you get healthy and fit, just that you get there.

    Superb stuff. Well worth checking out.

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  30. Ultimate physique
  31. Golf Fitness Boot Camp

    For those integrating golf and fitness, Brian's site BKS Golf is an excellent start. His blog, which follows the progress of the BKS Golf fitness bootcamps, is also a great read.

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  32. Neil McTeggart
  33. Neil McTeggart

    Check out the blog of Belfast personal trainer Neil McTeggart. As you can see from his training notes (bp:155kg sq: 180kg dl: 220kg) he knows what he's doing.

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  34. David Hinchliffe
  35. Harrow Drive

    Before the Australian cricket team makes amends for last season's less-than-inspiring performance, check out the blog of cricket coach David Hinchliffe - Harrow Drive. Whilst a Harrow Drive (also known as a French Cut, particularly in this part of the world) is something you usually want to avoid, the site isn't. Great stuff.
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  36. Powerlifting Watch
  37. Powerlifting Watch

    Jon trawls the numerous powerlifting and bodybuilding forums so you don't have to. Powerlifting Watch presents the threads that contain references to current events in the powerlifting world, questions on all things related to training or competition, and a splash of humour. A great site.

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  38. ScrumTruk
  39. MyoQuip blog

    MyoQuip are makers of the superb ScrumTruk. If you've ever watched a game of Rugby, you'll see how closely this replicates the action of a Scrum. If you've tried one of these, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Looks like a great bit of gear.

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