DIY: Home-made Gym Equipment II

The DIY fun continues.

Pullup bar from CelticKane
Pullup bar from CelticKane.
A couple of new links on the Fightraining blog, as well as a few recent discoveries, have prompted me to create a second list of DIY gym equipment (original list). Building it is half the fun.
IronOnline From Dave Draper's excellent site : several terrific ideas, incuding an axle-mounted wrist wroller, a poor man's Reverse Hyper bench and a home-made weight vest.

Want a pull-up bar but don't want to drill any holes? CelticKane has a great solution.

From the forums
The RossTraining Forum is always filled with great ideas, including : a home-made sled that rivals commercial offerings (Jason Kirby has a brilliantly simple alternative) and Make Your Own Gear. Superb.

The Crossfit Forums are similarly active, with great ideas such as this : attaching a climbing rope.

XXX Powerlifting
Can't afford your own monolift? The guys at XXX Powerlifting have the next best thing.

Anvil or Hammer
Anvil or Hammer recently held a kettlebell painting contest, in conjunction with the Art of Strength. Even if you missed the contest, Mike has some great tips on kettlebell painting. One of the best ways to customise your home gym.

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Brilliant device. If your shoulders aren't quite as flexible as you'd like, grab The Rotater. Love it.
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Lean and Hungry Fitness
Are conventional pull-ups getting a little too easy? Have a go at Jim's Hanging Pull-up Bar.

Straight to the Bar
From this site : Mike Amos takes a great look at making your own sandbags.

Once again, it looks like time to visit the nearest hardware store. Some great ideas in there.

Scott Andrew Bird

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70 of the Best : 7 Years of Straight to the Bar.

This site - Straight to the Bar - has been around for an incredible 7 years (the first post was on Jan 17th, 2004), and to say I'm grateful is a gross understatement.

Thank you.

From the Archives : DIY Gym Equipment.

There's something inherently satisfying about building things yourself.

Workout Locations: The Park.

Sometimes it's great to be outdoors.

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