Entries for the Home-Made Equipment Competition

The official list.

Parts for Clay Johnson's Revolving Handle
Parts for Clay Johnson's Revolving Handle.
If you're joining in the fun of the Home-made equipment competition you probably already know what it's like to look at every object around your house with a 'What if I...' thought running through your head.

Here's the official list (I'll keep this updated as new entries come in) of the participants so far :

Clay Johnson : Clay has built some superb stuff over the years, including :

His latest constructions, some farmers walk bars and a Strongman log, are great.

Tim : Tim's also constructed a couple of farmers walk bars, one of which is shown here. Superb.

Rad Man : a power rack. Wood, pipe - $80. Excellent.

Pat Hodgson : Detailed plans for an adjustable Deadlift, Shrug, Row bar. Love it.

Also the Quick and Easy Forearm Exerciser. Now that's a great use for an exercise bike.

John Fike :

Chris Rice : Horizontal Pinch Device. I definitely want one of these.

Jason Kirby : Home-made Medicine Ball (soon to be a Tornado Ball). Also on the way - a DIY Wobble Board.

Gary Chandler : several items, including a superb T-bar Row machine. Also :

Tom Moe : a superb device for the solo home lifter - an 'Off Helper' for the bench press. Love it.

Bryan Bramhill (aka 'bacon') : an extremely sturdy Dip Station. Watch the video to find out exactly how it was made and used.


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