Mich Cahlon

Mich CahlonOnce upon a time I was an obese analyst, then changed careers and mindsets, lost 60 or so lbs and became a teacher. I love lifting, hate toning, can make egg white omelets with my eyes closed and am very grateful to whomever invented canned tuna.

Following a wee bit of backsliding, I'm getting my training and nutrition back on track. That sigh you hear is me pining for my old gym back in Jerusalem, where most of the transformation took place. I like leg days best, but have promised myself a pull up one of these days.

Details and reflections at maspikteruzim.blogspot.com.

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Mich Cahlon

Mich Cahlon is an author for Straight to the Bar. She blogs at Maspik Teruzim (Enough Excuses).

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