What's Your Favourite Strength-Training Forum?

Some great sources of training information.

Ross Training Message BoardsThis month's collaboration with Run to Win's Blaine Moore - great sources of training information - kicks off with a look at one of my favourites : forums. Strength-training forums to be precise.

I'm always on the looking for new sources of strength-training information. One of my favourites is the humble forum - a quick way to join in conversations with a number of people; or simply to see what's happening in the world.

A few of the ones already on my regular reading list :

Ross Training Message Boards

These cover a range of strength and conditioning topics, including an excellent section on DIY training equipment.


I love the approach taken by CrossFit - it's a great mix. The forums reflect this, and talk about anything to do with their routines; and their philosophy of 'a little bit of everything'.

Dragon Door

Although they're best known for kettlebells, the Dragon Door forum looks at a great range of strength-training approaches. Good stuff.

John Stone Fitness

John Stone has made an amazing physical transformation over the years, and the forums take a detailed look at the many ways in which you can do the same.


This is from Dave Draper's superb site, and shows just how little things have changed over the years. The information here is always top-notch.


Sherdog is easily my favourite of the MMA forums, and looks at all manner of strength training and condition relating to this excellent sport.


As the name implies, this forum is focused on the heavier side of strength training. Whether you're a Strongman, Powerlifter or just someone who loves throwing iron around; you'll love this one.

Of course there are many others. Which ones would you add?

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