Taking Advantage of Your Location

The Home Gym.

Scott Andrew Bird
I love the humble rack pull.
In this series Blaine and I will be looking at just some of the ways to take advantage of your location when it comes to working out. No matter what your idea of 'working out' is, there are several things you can do right where you are.
Of all the places I work out, the Home Gym is by far my favourite. Always there, ready for action whenever I get the chance. Today I'll take a brief look at the contents of my own home gym, a few things I'd like to add and the many reasons this is such a great location for training.

My own home gym - what's in it?

The home gym setup I've been using for several years now hasn't changed all that much (despite having moved house quite a few times), and includes :

A few things I'd like to add

Naturally, there are quite a few things I'd love to add to the above list (if space and money were unlimited, of course) :

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The benefits of a home gym

There are several positive aspects to any home gym, regardless of its size or location around the house. These include :