DIY Band Crossover Rig

The Ultimate way to use bands.

Crossover Rig
Crossover Rig.
Bands are great tools for resistance training - flexible, portable, lightweight, inexpensive, infinitely useful. Anchoring them at ground level puts them ready for any number of exercises, and you can fix the the anchor points at your optimum distance for crossover moves, like a customized cable crossover machine. There are so many exercises you can do on your crossover rig - chest press, tricep ext., bicep curls, lat rows - you're limited only by your imagination (and biomechanics).
Floor Handle
Floor Handle.
At my studio, we bolted two rounded garage door handles into the concrete garage floor. They needed to clear more height in order for the handles to fit undernearth easily, so we stacked washers under each end. This works great! And nobody's ever going to move them or block them.

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Handle With Band
Handle With Band.
At the top is my husband Reed emulating a lateral shoulder raise. Note that he is a model, just here for his pretty face, not an athlete.
Kat 'The Mighty Kat' Ricker

Kat 'The Mighty Kat' Ricker is a bodybuilder, writer and lover of putting heavy things overhead. Find out more over on her site.

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