Conditioning Circuit for Combat Athletes

Be able to compete for as long as it takes.

Cael Sanderson vs Majid Khodaei
Cael Sanderson (blue) against Iran's Majid Khodaei in the 2004 Olympic Games.
Conditioning always reigns supreme in combat sports. Whether you're a wrestler, boxer or MMA fighter - the person that is in the best shape will always have the best chance to win. Look at any great champion; 99 percent of them are conditioning machines, that can fight all day long.


In boxing look at Muhammed Ali. Ali is arguably the best fighter ever. He could spar all day long while training for a fight, and this would carry over to his fights. Ali's intense training of long road work, bodyweight calisthenics, and skill work made him what he is, THE BEST! You can also look at 4 time NCAA Wrestling Champion and Gold Medal winner Cael Sanderson. Sanderson never lost a match while in college, why? Sanderson had tremendous skill, but his outstanding conditioning level was a main ingredient of him winning matches day after day. At every wrestling tournament Wrestlers tend to fade because of wrestling multiple times a day for an entire 2-3 day period, but not Sanderson. He looked fresher than any of his opponents, which was because he was in such outstanding shape.

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I can go on and on about the top athletes in the world that train as hard as possible. I am sure everyone has their own ways of getting in great shape, below I listed a routine that can help in a good way. This routine emulates what you do in a match. In a match you will use spurts of energy, and your heart rate goes up and down. This routine is something you can throw in whenever you want to test your conditioning. 4 Total Sets This routine is done in a circuit mode and hits all muscle groups. Do it as fast as you can, and record your time after each set, and try to break it. If it's too easy you must add more weight or more reps. Give it a try and you'll feel like you just had a match. Good Luck.
Matt Potak

Matt Potak is a wrestling and football coach at the high school level. He is also a personal fitness trainer in the St Augustine, Florida area. He can be reached at m_potak AT yahoo DOT com.

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