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I'm travelling for a couple of weeks (back around March 15). In the meantime, here are a few hidden gems from the archives.


Row, row, row

This is just a quick look at several of the popular - as well as a couple of the less well-known - rowing exercises for the back. Naturally, there are many other ways to work the same muscles (particularly the lats), including the many varieties of pull-ups and pull-downs.

Bent-over row
For a long time, the Bent-over row was a bodybuilding staple. Despite being seen a little less these days, it's an excellent exercise. As with many on this list, there are several ways to do them.

Arnold - Bent Over RowStand with feet wider than shoulder-width (I realise Arnold's using a narrow stance here), with the loaded bar on the ground in front of you. Bend at the waist, bend legs slightly, flatten the lower back, grab the bar with a wide overhand grip and pull it to your chest. The plates should be just off the ground at the lowest point, and the bar is pulled to mid pecs.

Pendlay row
This is really just a very strict bent-over row, with the bar pulled to the abdomen. It is often performed using an underhand grip.

Yates Row
Yates RowDorian Yates famously used a modified bent-over row with great success. The differences from the standard variety are: standing more upright (torso at about 70°), use of an underhand grip (so as to allow more bicep involvement) and pulling the bar to the navel.

Dumbell row
With one knee and one hand (left knee and left hand if working right side) on a bench, and a dumbell on the ground at its side, grab the dumbell and lift it straight up by contracting your lat and bending your arm. Slowly lower it, and repeat.

Dumbell row (tripod)
Draper - DB row (tripod stance)Rather than placing one knee on the bench, stand behind the bench and only use a hand for support. The front leg should be slightly bent, the other one a little further back (but straight). Lift the dumbell as usual, but add a slight twist at the top to increase the ROM.

Lying row
This is essentially a bent-over row done whilst lying face-down on a bench. The bar is pulled to the chest (or as close as the bench allows).

T-bar row
Arnold - T-Bar RowI first saw Arnold doing this many years ago - a very impressive looking exercise. With the weight on one end of a bar (and something else holding down the other end), straddle the bar, grab it a little below the plates (with both hands) and pull it to your chest. Note - if the other end of the bar isn't weighed down enough, you won't be having kids anytime soon.

Chest supported row
Somewhere between a T-bar row and a Lying Row, only using an incline instead of a flat bench.

Seated Cable row
Draper - Lat RowGrab the handle, lean back slightly with legs bent and pull handle to waist. Pull shoulders back, push chest forward and straighten back during contraction. Return until arms are extended, shoulders pulled forward, and back flexed.

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