Healthy Pizza Snack Recipe

Pizza SnackMy estimated nutrition facts are for 1 serving size of 1 english muffin (which is the serving size pictured):

Calories = 250
Carbohydrates = 30g
Fiber = 5.5g
Sugars = 4
Fat = 8g
Protein = 14g

NOTE: The best part about these is that they are really quick & easy to make!


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Pizza SnackStep 1:
Preheat oven to 375 F
Microwave WW English Muffin for 30 seconds to unfreeze it

Pizza SnackStep 2:
Cut WW English Muffin in half and apply about a tablespoon of Organic Pizza Sauce onto each half

Pizza SnackStep 3:
OPTIONAL: add garlic salt to sauce for added flavor
Cover each half with Organic/Natural Mozzarella Cheese

Pizza SnackStep 4:
Bake for about 8 minutes (check it around 6 minutes to be safe)

Pizza SnackStep 5:
Eat and be happy!

Amanda Kephart

Amanda Kephart is a strength coach based in Akron, Ohio. To work with Amanda directly (and to find out more about her training approach), head over to Strength Coach Amanda.

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