Progressions for Unbraced Short Steel Bending

Beginner's Bag
Contents of Beginner's Bag from FBBC.
Where to start with this? Anyone can learn to bend nails, and from that they will learn to brace and direct power through their body to their hands. The term "linkage" is key here.

Bending nails can result in a lot of positive benefits - increased wrist and hand strength, increased arm, shoulder, chest and lat strength, mental toughness, increased muscle mass of the lower arms, and a truly addictive and rewarding sport/hobby.

All of the following progressions are meant for the bender who is looking for progressive, injury free training. All of my progressions listed are for the bender who bends with minimal padding, such as a single set of IronMind hand pads or thin leather no longer than 4"×8".

NB : Any piece of steel gets roughly 15% harder every time 1/2 inch is removed. Shorter pieces are usually harder than longer pieces of tougher steel IE a 5" CRS 5/16 bar is harder than a 7" Hex steel bar. Piece for piece in the 5/16 sizes is CRS-Hex-Stainless.

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Where to from here?

Once you can bend Grade 9s, you're ready for 5/16 steel - IM red nails (video) and Bastards (video). Bastard listings can be found on

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