How to Play with Your Balls

So you've just purchased your first medicine ball. You've turned your back on the latest fitness trends, gadgets and hi-tech tom-foolery and gone old-school. Now all you need are some killer moves to prime the pump. I got you covered. I've trawled the net for the best ball-tossing, ball-banging goodness out there. Enjoy.

First up, let's visit the Underground Strength Gymnasium and bust out the Combat Complex.

Pretty sweet drill, huh? But there's more to ball-play than a quick toss. Check out Musis89 and his Wall Series.

Yup, that's right - banging is just as satisfying as tossing.

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But what about some serious old-school training? I got your back. When it comes to old-school, boxers really know their shit--especially when it comes to ball-play. Billiardjay has a couple of great clips over at his Martial Arts Instructional channel.

Core drills.
Lowerbody drills.
Upperbody drills.

These high-rep exercises are cool, but what about some high-intensity, low-rep stuff?
I hear ya. Staying power's good, but we all need some wham, bam, thank you ma'am every now and again. Check out these throwing drills from Musis89.

Will ball-work fit in with my other training? Hell yes! Here's my all-time favorite circuit. It was developed by Mark Mian from the AlterCenter.

He designed it specifically for Muay Thai and MMA athletes. See how the ball-work takes the bodyweight routine to a higher level of intensity.

These routines and exercises are just the tip of the iceberg. Medicine balls are very versatile training tools. I challenge you all: Get creative. Get pumped. Get out there and play with your balls.

Kira Robert Clarke

Fight Geek is a self-proclaimed Muay Thai tragic, Anthony Mundine Fan and unabashed Essendon supporter. Find out more over at his online home.

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