WBAN Presents Best of Best Trophy Belt

The best female boxers.

Holly Holm copyrighted: Lori Steinhorst
Ring Magazine does it for the best male boxers. Now WBAN, the online reporting authority on female boxing, does it for the best female boxers.

On June 13 at the Isleta Casino & Resort, in Albuquerque, during the historical first all-female televised Pay Per View boxing event, WBAN made history by awarding its independent World Title trophy belts to "Best of the Best" fighters.

The timing of this inaugural tradition was terrific: WBAN celebrates its 10-year anniversary of being live on the Internet this month - June, 2008.

WBAN awarded two belts. One went to Holly Holm, after she defeated Mary Jo Sanders in a 10-round unanimous decision in the junior middleweight (154 lbs) title bout, sanctioned by the IFBA. (WBAN belts are offered on a bout that ONLY has a sanctioning body governing the fight). The second belt went to Chevelle Hallback, after she won a 10-round unanimous decision in Chevelle Hallback vs. Jeannine Garside for a lightweight title bout.

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