Adding Straight to the Bar Search to Firefox

Straight to the Bar search
Straight to the Bar search on Firefox.
If you're a fan of the new version of Firefox (and don't worry, this site isn't becoming Straight to the Browser or anything), you may be interested in the add-on Hyperwords. Amongst it's many features, it enables you to add existing site searches to your browser.

In this case, I've added the Straight to the Bar search. Here's how it's done :

  1. Download and install Firefox 3 (if you haven't already helped to set the record) and the add-on Hyperwords. Both are free.
  2. Click in the search box (top right of this page), and delete the word 'kettlebells'.
  3. Right-click the mouse while you're in the box (or CTRL-click if you're on a Mac), and select 'Add to Hyperwords' from the menu shown. You may be asked here to restart Firefox - just click 'OK'.

That's it. Now, you can search Straight to the Bar directly from the browser - before you even load the page (it will load automatically when you search for something). Type 'kettlebells' (or anything you're looking for) into your browser's search box, hit Enter and select 'Straight to the Bar' from the menu. The picture above will show you what I mean.

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Scott Andrew Bird

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